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Thanks for visiting the Mid Columbia Soarers (MCS) web site. We are an AMA chartered club whose main mission is caretaker of Eagle Butte. Eagle is one of the best slope sites in the West. We also fly at Kiona Butte and are working on an access agreement for Chandler Butte. In addition to these excellent slope sites we have an arrangement with Basin Sod near Eltopia where there is great Thermal flying.


With all that great slope and fields of grass access and the name Mid-Columbia Soarers you might think soaring is all we're about. Wrong! Our members fly everything from ultra-lite indoor planes to quarter scale monsters. If you don't pour the fuel in it, we fly it!




Members and guests,

Now that our new access road is in place at the South end of the slope we are all looking forward to a great flying season. Please limit your vehicle speed on the access road so we can keep the wear and tear to a minimum.


The farmer has assured me that retrieving your model from the crop would not cause him any grief, but please be respectful so as to maintain the good will.


Be sure to check our events calendar to see what’s up. We will be trying to schedule more events for the slope as we go. If there are any events that you would like to see happen please contact Don Stewart


Have a safe and sane flying season and remember, no flying over the pit area and watch out for any hang gliders.




Thank you,

Don Stewart

MCS Secretary / Treasurer




Click here for MCS Membership Form (required at Eagle Butte and Southridge)