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 The Mid Columbia Soarers (MCS) is an AMA chartered club. Its primary mission is as caretaker of the Eagle Butte site, which had is road upgraded in 2014. Eagle is one of the best slope sites in the world. Members also fly at Kiona Butte, and are working on an access agreement for Chandler Butte so they can fly there as well. MCS members also have an arrangement with Basin Sod near Eltopia for access to a superb thermal soaring site..

Mid-Columbia Soarers members are active in flying everything from ultra-micro indoor airplanes to forty-percent-scale super soaring monsters. In other words, if you don't pour fuel into it, MCS members fly it!

CLUB DUES is $40 per year. Please contact Don Stewart at deserthawk2@charter.net for membership questions. You can download the membership form from this website. Send it to Don with your dues. Please write clearly, especially your e-mail address.


     Now that our new access road is in place, expect to see more events scheduled for the slope. If you haven’t seen it yet, the road starts at the south end of Grandview road by the water tower. The NO TRESPASSING signs are directed at non club members. Please respect the club’s new road by heeding the speed limit so as to not damage it, which will create wash-boarding conditions.

    Impromptu fun flying is always encouraged by club members. There has also been interest voiced in hosting races and other events. They are welcome when organized by club contest directors. We’re anxious to see all types of gliders and sailplanes (wood and composite) flown at our sites. So, check out our events schedule and be prepared to come out and play! May the force be with you and the wind in your face!

Thank you,
Don Stewart
MCS President


Click here for MCS Membership Form (required at Eagle Butte and Southridge)

For comments or questions send e-mail to webmeister (See Officers)

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